Following policies have been adopted by council and are available for viewing in Adobe PDF format.

Municipal Policies

No 004-2011 Overland Flooding
No 005-2011 Snow Removal
No 009-2012 Community Sign
No 019-2014 Community Hall Waiver Request
No 020-2015 Tax Arrears Payment Plan
No 021-2015 Sanitary Sewer Blockage
No 023-2016 Compliance Policy
No 024-2016 Municipal Bylaw Enforcement
No 025-2016 Behaviour Management Policy for Community Facilities
No 027-2017 Council Remuneration Policy
No 028-2017 Arena Advertising
No 029-2017 Public Participation Policy
No 031-2018 Sidewalk Café & Retail Policy
No 034-2018 Charitable Donations Receipt
No 042-2022 Social Media Policy
No 043-2022 Arena Booking Policy
No 044-2023 Coucil Participation on External Community Boards-Commissions-Committees & Societies