Cannabis Information

Legalization of recreational cannabis – who’s responsible for what
Federal government-Responsible for:
Possession limits; New criminal offences; Advertising; Impaired driving; Medical cannabis; Production; Age limit (Federal limit); Public health; Education; Taxation; Home cultivation; Regulatory compliance
Regulations in support of legalization:
Cannabis Act:
• Provides laws for controlling the production, distribution, sale, and possession of Cannabis across Canada

Government of Alberta-Responsible for:
Impaired driving; Public health; Education; Taxation; Workplace safety; Distribution/wholesaling; Retail model; Retail locations and rules; Regulatory compliance; Public consumption.
Regulations in support of legalization:
An act to control and regulate cannabis:
• Provides oversight of wholesale distribution
• Regulates sales and consumption
• Provides tools for law enforcement
• Provides oversight for employers to ensure safety on our roads and at work

Town of Vauxhall-Responsible for:
Retail locations and rules; Public consumption; Land use and zoning; Education.
Regulations in support of legalization:
Bylaws and policies:
• Regulating businesses operating within the municipality
• Regulating public consumption
Education and enforcement:
• Educating citizens and enforcing municipal, provincial and federal regulation of legalized recreational cannabis
930-18 Cannabis Consumption Bylaw
931-18 Smoke Free Bylaw

Bill 26 Act to Control & Regulate Cannabis
Cannabis How to Talk with your Teen