Approved Development Permits

Approved Development Permits
Development Permits approved by the Municipal Planning Commission in accordance with Land Use Bylaw 833-09
The Municipal Planning Commission has approved or refused the issuance of the following Development Permits:

Dated at Vauxhall this 8th day of April 2024

Permitted use:

Discretionary use:
2024D-05-Blocks 5 & 6, Plan 5836JK-529 & 601 1st Ave. N-Multi-Bay Shop & Truck Parking

2024D-09-Block 7, Plan 5836JK-611 1st Ave N.-Shop & Truck Parking

The Municipal Government Act provides that any person affected by the issuance of a development permit may appeal the decision or any conditions of the development permit within 21 days after the date on which the written decision is given to the Applicable Appeal Board: