Planning & Development Documents

Development Permits are issued by the Town and authorize the construction, development or use of a property. They include the plans and applicable conditions of approval. The approval process guides ‘what’ goes ‘where’ on a property. New construction, structural additions, demolition, the use of signage, and change of use. A number of things don’t require a permit but must still meet Land Use Bylaw requirements for such things as setbacks from property line, height restrictions, visibility and site coverage.

Residential Development Permit 

Non Residential Development Permit

Home-Based Businesses is any occupation, trade, profession, service or craft carried on by the occupant of a residence as a use that is secondary to the residential use of the lot. The Town of Vauxhall supports home occupations (home-based businesses) in residential areas, provided they meet the standards in the Land Use Bylaw. Home Based businesses also require a business license which is renewed annually if not renewed annually, the permit will expire and the occupant would need to reapply for Home Occupation.

Demolition Permit is a type of development permit that is required in order to demolish or remove a building or structure. No person shall commence or cause to be commenced the demolition or relocation of any building or structure, or portion thereof, unless a permit has first been obtained. The permit process ensures that buildings are dismantled and removed in a safe manner and that the land will be left in a suitable state after removal. The demolition of a building or structure shall require a building permit and will be subject to the requirements of the Town’s Safety Codes Officer.

Sign Permit is a type of development permit issued by the Town that authorizes the placement and/or construction of one or more of a variety of signs on a property. A sign permit is required prior to the construction, reconstruction, location, relocation, alteration, modification or use of all signs except for those specifically exempt under the Land Use Bylaw.

Refer to the Land Use Bylaw for more information and forms:
Bylaw 833-09 Land Use Bylaw
Vauxhall Land Use Bylaw 833-09 April 2009 (Map amended to Bylaw 987-22)
Amend Map 1-Development Guide Map
Amend Bylaw 833-09 designation of lands
Amend Bylaw 833-09 regulate accessory building sizes on R Land Use

Community Standards Bylaw: regulations pertaining to parks, boulevards and sidewalks and other Town owned property.
955-19 Community Standards Bylaw

Water Services and Sewer Bylaw: contains the information and fees required for new service connections.
959-20 Water and Sewer Bylaw
962-20 Amend Bylaw 959-20