Municipal Development Plan & Intermunicipal Development Plan

The Town of Vauxhall Municipal Development Plan (MDP or Plan) serves as a long‐range planning tool,
guiding growth and development toward the community’s desired future. As a blueprint for the future,
the MDP is responsible for establishing the overall policy direction for land use decisions and other
planning documents through its goals, policies and overarching community vision.
The goals and policies contained in this Plan provide a strategic perspective to help inform the actions and
decisions of elected officials, municipal administration, landowners and developers alike. The Municipal
Development Plan manages and directs growth and development in a manner that minimizes adverse
impacts on adjacent activities and makes the best possible use of the land base and infrastructure of the
municipality. The Plan expresses how Vauxhall sees itself in the future and acts as a means to facilitate
the determination and implementation of community‐based policies on development.

Municipal Development Plan

Intermunicipal Development Plan, the Municipal District of Taber and the Town of Vauxhall recognize the benefit of enhanced
consultation, coordination and cooperation regarding planning matters of joint interest within
the urban fringe. Specifically, the councils of both municipalities acknowledge there is a need
to ensure that land use activity in the fringe does not unduly compromise long-term urban
expansion and further that conflicts between rural and urban uses are minimized.
The Municipal District of Taber (MD of Taber) and the Town of Vauxhall (Town) have
established an excellent working relationship with respect to planning matters of joint interest
and have chosen to formalize their relationship through an Intermunicipal Development Plan
(IMDP). This Intermunicipal Development Plan establishes policies that apply to lands within
the intermunicipal planning area, which includes land within the MD of Taber and within the
Town boundaries.
It is intended that this plan provide a framework for consideration of municipal interests in
decision-making by establishing general policies, referral requirements, plan administration
procedures, and measures for conflict resolution. Most importantly, the Intermunicipal
Development Plan is intended to foster on-going coordination and communication between the
municipalities by providing a forum to discuss planning issues and concerns. The framework of
this plan is designed to support decision-making in each municipality with input and
consultation from the other municipality. Each municipality is responsible for making decisions
within their boundaries using the policies and procedures provided in the plan.

Intermunicipal Development Plan