Following bylaws have been adopted by council and are available for viewing in Adobe PDF format.

Municipal Bylaw Archive:

833-09 Consolidated to Bylaw 900-16 Land Use Bylaw
Land Use Bylaw Map
Bylaw 838-09 Noise Control Bylaw
858 11 Dog Control
866-13 Regulation of Parks Boulevards & Sidewalks
874-13 Establishment of a Regional Fire Authority
878-14 Flashing Green Lamps Bylaw
882-14 Cemetery Bylaw
883-14 Procedural Bylaw
886-15 Water & Sewer Bylaw
887-15 Waste Management & Recycling Bylaw
894-15 Establish Volunteer Fire Department
895-15 Policy,Bylaw & Rate Committee
898-15 Assessment & Taxation of Mobile Units in the Manufactured Home Park
888-15 Renalty Rates for Taxes
899-15 Tax Installment Payment
904-16 Rate Bylaw
906-16 Traffic Bylaw
907-16 Business License Bylaw
Business License Application (Please select to open as a printable PDF file.)
908-16 Public Nuisances, Untidy and Unsightly Premises
909-16 Municipal Emergency Management Bylaw
910-17 Community Center Advisory Committee
912-17 Frontage Tax
913-17 Taxation Mill Rate
914-17 Vauxhall & District Recreation Bylaw
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