Water Services Commission

Vauxhall and District Regional Water Services Commission
June 21 2010

The Municipal District of Taber and the Town of Vauxhall have officially established the Vauxhall and District Regional Water Services Commission. Directors of the Commission include M.D. of Taber Reeve Hank Van Beers (Chairman), Councillor Dwight Tolton and Councillor Cecil Wiest. Councillor Peter Van Uden (Vice-Chairman) and Councillor Brian Hagen represent the Town of Vauxhall.

The Municipal District of Taber has been appointed by the Commission as the Managing Authority for the project.

The Commission has been established for the purpose of providing water treatment and water distribution services to the residents of the Town of Vauxhall, the Hamlet of Hays, and the Hamlet of Enchant. In the future, with the establishment of rural water co-operatives the Commission will also be able to provide water to rural residents of the M.D. of Taber.

The Commission has received a grant for the project totaling $16,892,368.00 from the Province of Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy. This represents 87.39% of the eligible project costs which total $19,329,863.00. The MD of Taber will provide $1.65 million of funding and the Town of Vauxhall approximately $780,000 in funding towards the regional project.

MPE Engineering of Lethbridge, Alberta has been selected by the Commission as the project design engineers. Work has begun on the design of the water treatment plant to be located adjacent to the Town of Vauxhall’s existing water treatment plant. The new plant will have a maximum treatment capacity of 6,000,000 litres per day. Tender documents for construction of the plant are expected to be available in January 2011 with construction commencing in April 2011.

In addition, preliminary design work has started on the 51km pipeline to be located between the water treatment plant and the Hamlets of Hays and Enchant. The pipeline capacity will be designed to accommodate water users within the Hamlet of Hays and the Hamlet of Enchant as well within rural areas. Completion of the pipeline is expected in the fall of 2011.

The water treatment plant and regional water pipeline are expected to be commissioned and operational in June 2012.